Responsible Tourism

Minimizing our negative impact on the culturally and ecologically sensitive areas where we work is our prime motto. At the same time we also encourage our guests to support our approach and values whilst staying with us.
The following are the methods which we adopted
Local Sourcing: We purchase most of our groceries and general supplies within our area. We are committed to work with our local communities AND to support their economy.

Employment: Currently local employment at the resort is 80% and Where ever possible we ensure that products used are not made by child or bonded labour. We comply with all state labour laws and we ensure that suppliers are paid a fair price for their products & services

Waste Management: Any form of waste from our property is separated and the food waste being used as animal feed in the nearby locality. There is no infrastructure for recycling in the nearby areas were we operate but, where available, we will try to reduce our non-recyclable waste